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An Opportunity to Reclaim

on Friday, 23 March 2012. Posted in Rabbi Marshall's Sermons

Parshat Vayikra

Animal sacrifices: bloody, barbaric, violent, primitive.   Parshat Vayikra is filled with details of this ritual. The burnt offering, grain offering, and blood offering serve communal and individual purposes, both mandatory and optional. For instance, the hattat, sin offering is for failure to fulfill an oath, and the asham, guilt offering, is for unintentional violations and as well as committing robbery or fraud.

Our New Campus

on Thursday, 01 March 2012. Posted in Rabbi Marshall's Articles

The ORacle, March 2012 Purim Issue

While some might scoff at presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich’s aspirations to colonize the moon, there are many congregants in our Temple Beth Or k’hilah who see great possibility in this endeavor. Consider the potential for new members on earth’s satellite. Think of the outreach to unaffiliated families this new frontier could provide!

Religion and Politics: Where is Religion’s Place in the Same Sex Marriage Debate?

on Friday, 24 February 2012. Posted in Rabbi Marshall's Articles

The ORacle, February 2012 Issue

Washington State recently passed its Marriage Equality Bill legalizing same-sex marriage. In the media coverage of state Senate debates, we heard from congresspersons who couldn’t reconcile their religious convictions against homosexuality, with legalizing same-sex marriage. How is it possible that religious concerns dictate the legal structure of a secular institution?

Honoring Our Faith, Bodies, and Our Earth

on Wednesday, 01 February 2012. Posted in Rabbi Marshall's Articles

The ORacle, February 2012 Issue

The other day I was at Trader Joes trying to decide whether it was better to buy organic green beans flown in from Mexico or local beans grown conventionally with pesticides. Should I buy cloth napkins or disposable napkins made from recycled paper?  Is it worse to fill up landfills with soiled paper or use water and electricity to clean cloth napkins? Do I choose chicken raised on a farm in Snohomish even if it’s not hormone-free?  Or order the wild salmon fresh-caught but transported from Alaska? How does the US Farm Bill effect hunger worldwide?

A Darkness So Thick

on Friday, 27 January 2012. Posted in Rabbi Marshall's Sermons

Parshat Bo

How many of you were without power during the storm? Some of you may have been enveloped in darkness, at least until you were able to find candles.  

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