We develop and promote programs that contribute to the greater welfare of our community and the world, such as; selecting worthy recipients for donations from our Tzedakah Box, planning activities that help 'green' our Temple and foster responsible environmental stewardship, and participating in programs to reduce poverty and hunger. If you are interested in working with the Social Action Committee, contact us at social.action@templebethor.org 

One long-range project is Greening Our Congregation. This includes making our building greener and educating our members as to how they can make their personal lives greener. The project began with an environmental audit during Mitzvah Day 2006, and has gradually expanded to include many activities.

The Greening Project includes:

    • Temple paper recycling
    • Battery recycling
    • Cell phone recycling
    • Printer ink cartridge recycling
    • Use of non-disposable items for all activities, whenever possible
    • Education of our membership

We welcome participation of all our Temple members and encourage you to give us your ideas and time. We especially enjoy hearing what has made a difference in your lives!



Social Action Updates