Temple Beth Or now has over 3,000 items in our collection including books, magazines, CDs, and DVDs. We are delighted and grateful to finally be at a point where we are now open for lending! Please bear with us as our new volunteer librarian, Pam Lonergan, works out any glitches in our library system.

Our library is organized into color coded sections, as shown in the image to the left (click to expand).

To check out a book, please review the instructions shown in the image to the left (click to expand).

To view our catalogue, click on the image to the left. The list is organized by author and is searchable.

Check back here to see when new items and services are added. Meanwhile, we invite you to use the library, enjoy all it has to offer, and treat it lovingly, as we do, like it were your own collection.   For questions and suggestions, please contact our Librarian, Pam Lonergan.

In the spirit of Jewish Learning,

The Temple Beth Or Library Committee

Temple Beth Or Library FAQs

How can I check out a book?

  • To find an item use the 3-ring binder on the book cart or view our online catalogue
  •  Remove the white library card from the pocket inside the front cover of the book and write your first and last name and the date on the card
  • Place the card in the card box on the book cart located in the corner of the library next to the closet

Where can I see a catalogue of our collection?

A 3-ring binder on the library book cart contains lists of our collection, organized by Author and by Title. You can also view our catalogue online

How is the library organized?

The Library is organized in color-coded sections, 000 – 900, right-to-left (like Hebrew). Likewise, the books on each shelf are organized numerically by call number right-to-left. For a list of sections, click here.

What do you call that organization system?


This cataloging system is called Elazar and was developed especially for collections of Judaica in the 1960s. We have further modeled our library after the Blumenthal Library at Temple Sinai in Los Angeles, a model for many Jewish libraries across the country. If you would like to learn more about the Elazar system, go to our Library and check out, "A Classification System for Libraries of Juadaica", by David and Daniel Elazar.

How do I return a book?

Books may be checked out for 3 weeks at a time. When returning items, please do not re-shelve them yourself. Place them on the library cart, on the shelves labeled, "Book Returns Only. Do Not Remove Books from This Shelf".

What are the Library's hours?

The Library is open during the hours that the Temple Beth Or synagogue is open:

Monday through Thursday - 9am to 4pm

Sunday - 8am to 2pm

How to Check Out