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Our Sunday morning (9:30am) and afternoon (1:00pm) Hebrew program is self-paced and focuses on reading prayers proficiently. Students learn to read Hebrew and enjoy a sense of accomplishment as they progress through a series of well-organized, stimulating, and self-paced ramot (levels). We encourage student to begin their Hebrew studies in the 3rd grade.

Hebrew 1

  • Read and write all Hebrew letters
  • Blending letter sounds
  • Able to read simple prayers

Hebrew 2

  • Demonstrate ability to sight read prayers in the Siddur (prayer book)
  • Learn in a language lab setting utilizing whole language concepts


  • Progress from reading to leading a Shabbat service
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the Shabbat service including service order, rituals and meaning of prayers


Our teachers are resources and facilitators for their students' self-paced Hebrew learning. Each teacher assesses individual student progress in order to determine the specific help they require to move on to the next level. Our teachers also manage the classroom, which is composed of students who are working at a variety of different paces and levels, encouraging each individual and consciously building classroom community. We commonly begin or end each class with a group reading of a familiar text, a review of language elements, or a discussion of ideas within a prayer.


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Religious School

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