Building Committee

  • Building Sign
  • Building Back
  • Building Garage
  • Classroom 6
  • Landscaping 1
  • Landscaping 2
  • Renovation 4
  • Building Committee
  • Building Committee
  • Cleanup 18C wide

We maintain our grounds and buildings, and develop construction and renovation projects.

Recent projects include:

  • Renovating our garage into classrooms
  • Constructing a recycling and refuse outbuilding
  • Grading and paving a new parking lot
  • Leveling and constructing a play area
  • Regrading a slope and constructing an access trail
  • Replanting trees
  • Landscaping around the front entrance
  • Recarpeting our sanctuary and replacing the seating
  • Resurfacing the sanctuary bima
  • Placing topsoil and sod around the parking lot and play area


If you are interested in joining our building maintenance and construction crew, contact us at