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Our Communications Group develops and distributes the various media that we use to communicate with our members and the wider community.

Our projects include:

    • “ORbits”, our twice-monthly e-newsletter. We solicit news and events, write articles, proofread the copy, maintain a subscriber email list, distribute it and email it every 2 weeks. We also periodically send out special mailings announcing events or activities.

    • The Temple Web site is developed and maintained by our Web page editors, and content is submitted by our writers, digital artists and photographers.
    • The Temple Calendar is maintained and updated by our Calendar Coordinators, and the content is displayed on our Web site.
    • A partnership with the Membership Committee to maintain a social media presence on both public and members-only Facebook pages.

To complete these projects, we are looking for interested volunteers:

    • Reporters to solicit news and write articles
    • Copy Editors and Proofreaders to review and edit content
    • Digital Artists to create print and online graphics media
    • Photographers to shoot events and activities
    • Sound editors to record and post audio clips to our Web pages
    • Videographers to record and post video clips to our Web site
    • Web page editors to design and edit content on our Web site (we will train!)
    • Social media contributors to post on our Facebook and Twitter pages

If you are interested in helping out, contact us at