Mitzvah Corps

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The Temple Beth Or Mitzvah Corps helps care for our sick or bereaved member families by:

  • Coordinating meal deliveries
  • Receiving and distributing notices for members in need
  • Sending cards
  • Arranging visitations
  • Working closely with the Bereavement Committee

Please join the Temple Beth Or Mitzvah Corps by clicking on the Mitzvah Corps logo:
You will then receive a welcome email that will request that you confirm your participation by clicking on a link. Once confirmed, you will automatically receive email messages that will notify you of TBO Mitzvah Corps needs and will connect you with other Temple Beth Or volunteers.


“The Mitzvah Corps… provides many levels of support to congregants, including cards, home and hospital visits, childcare, transportation to medical visits, helping families pack and move, and offering a community of friends. This attention to our congregants’ needs defines us as a community. …Our current Mitzvah Corps chair does a remarkable job of organizing care, and we are all grateful for the support of our dedicated volunteers. However… we need more people to lend support so that responsibility falls less heavily on just a few volunteers.

The Mitzvah Corps’… Kehillat Chesed (Caring Community) model includes small groups of people who can take on one specific project that would require periodic focus; i.e., a visit once or twice a month for several months to the same person… Thank you all so much for your continued dedication to our sacred community.”