Ki Mitzion

Sung by Bernie Busch

Mishkan t’filah, p. 364
Family Siddur, p. 15

Ki mi-tzi-yon tei-tzei To-rah (2x)

U-d’-var A-do-nai mi-ru-sha-la-yim


Ba-ruch she-na-tan, To-rah To-rah (2x)

L’-a-mo Yis-ra-eil bik-du-sha-to


Sh’-ma Yis-ra-eil A-do-nai El-o-hei-nu, A-do-nai E-chad


E-chad El-o-hei-nu, ga-dol A-do-nei-nu

Ka-dosh Sh’-mo


Ga-d’-lu l’-A-do-nai i-ti,

um’-ro-m’-mah sh’-mo yach-dav


For from out of Zion will come the Torah, and the word of Adonai from Jerusalem.

Blessed is God who in holiness gave the Torah to the people Israel.

Hear O Israel, Adonai is our God, Adonai is One.

Our God is One, Adonai is great, holy is God’s Name
Exalt Adonai with me, let us extol God’s name together.