Life Cycle Events

Our community emphasizes sharing and celebrating all the simchas (joys) and tzores (pain) of life:

Birth – Welcoming our new sons and daughters into the Covenant is a vital act for parents and our community. Temple parents work with a Rabbi to design a Brit Milah or a Naming ceremony that honors tradition, as well as modern conventions. We often name children during a service, though some members have chosen to have a ceremony in their home.

B’nei Mitzvah – A Temple member becomes a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah after a period of coursework and study that is designed to prepare them for an observant Jewish life. Our young teens prepare for this milestone through a combination of religious school and Hebrew classes, plus tutoring and consultation with the Rabbi and our Spirituality and Ritual Committee. We also periodically hold B’nei Mitzvah classes for adults. Please consult with our Spirituality and Ritual Committee to learn more about the requirements to become a B’nei Mitzvah.

Confirmation – Reform Judaism recognizes that young adults should continue their studies after becoming B’nei Mitzvah, culminating in a Confirmation ceremony during Shavuot.

Conversion – Are you interested in exploring Judaism? We welcome you and are delighted that you are interested in learning more about Judaism. We accept Jews by Choice and view them as a gift to our people and the Jewish community. While each person’s path into Jewish life is unique, there are shared questions and experiences that are common to many. We are here to help you find resources as you begin your Jewish journey.

Marriage – Many couples have married at Temple Beth Or. Couples wishing to marry should consult with our Rabbi to discuss the steps necessary to proceed toward a wedding. We welcome all who wish to enter into a Jewish marriage.

Death & Bereavement – Jewish funerals enable us to show our respect for the deceased and to comfort the living.  The Jewish funeral or memorial service enables us to celebrate and sanctify the lives of our loved ones and offers those in mourning the chance to grieve within a sacred community. In the Event of a Death, contact the Rabbi, call the Temple Office at (425) 259-7125, or reach out to any member of the Bereavement Committee.