Life Cycle Events

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Our community emphasizes sharing and celebrating all the simchas (joys) and tzores (pain) of life:

Birth – Welcoming our new sons and daughters into the Covenant is a vital act for parents and our community. Temple parents work with a Rabbi to design a Brit Milah or a Naming ceremony that honors tradition, as well as modern conventions. We often name children during a service, though some members have chosen to have a ceremony in their home.

B’nei Mitzvah – A Temple member becomes a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah after a period of coursework and study that is designed to prepare one for an observant Jewish life. Our young teens prepare for this milestone through a combination of religious school and Hebrew classes, plus tutoring and consultation with a Rabbi and the Religious Practices Committee. We also periodically hold B’nei Mitzvah classes for adults. Please consult with our Religious Practices Committee to learn more about the requirements to become a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah.

Confirmation – Reform Judaism recognizes that young adults should continue their studies after becoming B’nei Mitzvah, culminating in a Confirmation ceremony during Shavuot.

Conversion – Nearby synagogues periodically conduct classes for individuals desiring to convert to Judaism.

Marriage – Many couples have married at Temple Beth Or. Please contact us to request marriage information.

Death & Bereavement – We have collected useful resources to support bereaving family members.