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Temple Leadership

Rabbi Rachel Kort rabbikort@templebethor.org

Governing Board

President Vicky Romero president@templebethor.org
VP of Finance and Facilities Management Robert Goodmark vpfinance@templebethor.org
VP of Community and Engagement Tim Douglass
VP of Jewish Life Jennifer Cail vpprogramming@templebethor.org
Assist. VP of Finance and Facilities Management Ken Moses
Assist. VP of Community and Engagement Wanda Bresnick assist.membership@templebethor.org
Assist. VP of Jewish Life David Gross programming.assist@templebethor.org
Board Secretary Tina Roth secretary@templebethor.org
Member at Large Beth Burstein Fine
Member at Large Janis Warner
Member at Large Deb Henry
President-Elect Melanie Field


Adult Education Heidi Piel adult.ed@templebethor.org
Bereavement Susan Cross bereavement@templebethor.org
Book Club Ellie Hochman book.club@templebethor.org
Building Jeff St. George building@templebethor.org
Calendar Janis Warner calendar@templebethor.org
Communications Al Friedman communications@templebethor.org
Financial Administrator Norm Black finance@templebethor.org
First Chapter Chavurah Michelle Douglass
Fundraising Michele Goodmark fundraising@templebethor.org
High Holy Days Debra Lawson high.holy.days@templebethor.org
Library vacant library@templebethor.org
Life & Legacy Bob Goodmark
Membership Leslie Elsemore membership@templebethor.org
Mitzvah Corps Vicki Schwartz mitzvah@templebethor.org
Next Chapter Chavurah Sonia Siegel Vexler nextchapter@templebethor.org
ORacle Newsletter Vicky Romero oracle@templebethor.org
ORbits e-Newsletter Lori Wolff orbits@templebethor.org
Religious Practices vacant religious.practices@templebethor.org
Security Harold Dash security@templebethor.org
Social Action Naomi Katsh social.action@templebethor.org
Website JonaRose Feinberg webmaster@templebethor.org
Youth Education Jessica Hill


Office Administrator Sarah Davis office@templebethor.org
Religious School Principal Amy Paquette religious.school@templebethor.org