As the new religious school year begins, I am looking forward to strengthening my relationships with our students—continuing to get to know them better and learning together.

The ORacle, October 2010 Issue

One of the initiatives Debbie Zainwel and I have set for this year is to increase opportunities for me to deepen my relationship with students. Each kitah, each class, and I will have an opportunity to spend several class sessions together throughout the year. I have set several goals for our time together:


  • I will be expanding upon each class’ curricula, adding my own lessons and perspective.


  • I will be infusing more informal learning into my time with students. Last year’s activities such as the Ktah Aleph/Bet nature walk, Kitah Gimmel/Dalet/Hay baking hamentaschen, Confirmation hike, and BOTY Hanukkah party at my home all enabled students to engage in meaningful Jewish learning in a more relaxed environment and facilitated relationship building.       This year, smaller sized classes will join me in my study for “Ask the Rabbi” sessions based on the material they have been learning in their classrooms. I will also have the opportunity to work individually with students in Kitah VAv on their divrei Torah for the service they lead in the Spring.


  • This year, I will also be spending time with TBO tots, enabling me to grow my relationships with our youngest congregants and their parents.


One of the most rewarding aspects of my work with our children and young adults has been the occasions they have approached me concerning choices they have faced. I am honored that they feel comfortable coming to me as they wrestle with personal and ethical decisions. It is imperative to me that my time with our students enables me to expand this foundation of trust, openness, and listening. As our students leave Temple Beth Or and build their own lives, it is crucial to me that they feel they have a rabbi they can approach with questions and struggles. This groundwork begins with my time in Religious School. I very much look forward to the coming school year and learning together.