While some might scoff at presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich’s aspirations to colonize the moon, there are many congregants in our Temple Beth Or k’hilah who see great possibility in this endeavor. Consider the potential for new members on earth’s satellite. Think of the outreach to unaffiliated families this new frontier could provide!

The ORacle, March 2012 Purim Issue

I have been in closed session Board meetings but now want to share a few of our most promising ideas. Our goal is to start fundraising for a “Temple Beth Or satellite” this Purim. Our previous Capital Campaign goal has almost been reached, and we are ready to jump into a new development project at once. One secret contact mentioned that the abandoned Russian space station could be bought for a dollar—what a wonderful way to continue our tradition of bargain buildings!

At this year’s Wine Dinner (March 3 — mark your calendars), Wicked Cellars will donate 10% of all wine sales to the Temple Beth Or satellite. They even brought up the idea of selling moonshine, but I thought that might be pushing it.

L’Dor V’dor, from Generation to Generation, is a Jewish value of paramount importance for this Temple. In that vein, we will be bringing Billy Sturman’s apple tree with us in our first rocket trip and planting it when we unveil our new building. If you wish to purchase a plaque or bench, please be in touch with our Fundraising Chair. Some expressed gravitational concerns about keeping the tree firmly nestled in the moon’s dust, but Michael Cross and Paul Vexler have agreed to look into it.

There are, however, numerous positives about the moon’s climate and structural makeup. One of our most compelling reasons to move to the moon is that there is no air or wind—we won’t ever have to worry about candles catching fire to furniture or carpets in the sanctuary…imagine the potential Havdalah celebrations!

The Rosh Chodesh group and I have been speaking about the power behind celebrating each new month on the moon. As you know, the Hebrew calendar is based on the lunar cycle, and women’s cycles are also based on the lunar phases. Envision the privilege of reciting the blessing for the new month while standing in a crater! Deborah Nedelman has already volunteered to host our first gathering.

Some of you may be concerned on a practical level about the logistics of two Temple Beth Or campuses. Rest assured, Terri Schweigert, our office maven, has agreed to take rocketship rides to staff the new office every other week, and Vicky Romero will edit the Temple Beth Or satellite newsletter which will be called The Lunacle.

Purim Sameach!
Rabbi Jessica Kessler Marshall