Dear Temple Beth Or Members,

The past 9 years have been filled with blessings in co-creating a sacred kehillah together. It has been the deepest honor to be your rabbi sharing simchas and supporting each other through sorrows. I have treasured sharing Shabbat and holidays, deepening our relationships through learning Torah, shmoozing at onegs, meals in your homes, singing joyously, and so much laughter together.

After deep soul searching, I have decided not to renew my contract and to take time for personal and rabbinic growth as I explore other aspects of my rabbinate. I will likely be moving out of the area as I embark on this next chapter.

Please know I have only the deepest appreciation for the tremendous kavod, respect, I feel between us. I appreciate all your generosity with me as your rabbi and as my extended family. I deeply value what you have given me, and what we have created together. This is a very hard decision, and I also need to listen to my own neshama, my own soul, calling me to stretch myself in new ways.

Between now and the end of June we will have opportunities to be together and to say goodbye individually and as a group, and I will do everything I can to ease this difficult transition. Our bonds will always remain. This congregation is truly a House of Light, thank you for all that you have shared with me.

With love and respect, Rabbi Marshall