A Little Torah on a Snowy Shabbat

In our Torah portion this week, Terumah, God instructs Moses on how to fashion a sanctuary for God’s presence to dwell with the Israelites in the desert. “In this sanctuary,” God says, “the Israelites are to bring me gifts.” The gifts can be of any kind from any person whose heart moves them in a giving way. 
As the snow began to fall this past Sunday, Galit and I went outside and examined perfect snowflakes. It’s amazing to me that a single drop of water can be transformed into a beautiful and intricate ice crystal and no two are alike. “Blessed are You God, who causes the wind to blow and the rain and the snow to fall.” It seems even more amazing that a single, delicate snowflake can come together with other snowflakes and become an incredible force of nature (powerful enough to cause us to cancel services at Temple Beth Or).
While our Israelite ancestors who wandered the desert didn’t know of snow, the Torah teaches us this week that each of us as individuals coming together as a community can create something powerful enough to summon the Divine Presence. While we don’t have the ability to physically be together this Shabbat, I want to invite our community to come together virtually this Shabbat. Join me in posting pictures of your snowy Shabbat or your Shabbat greetings on Facebook or your favorite social media platform.
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Wishing everyone a warm and safe Shabbat at home. 
Rabbi Rachel Kort