Move Your Tuchus-a-Thon

When: March 13-27, 2021

Goal: To get moving to stay healthy and to benefit Temple Beth Or

Participants: All are welcome to participate, not just TBO members

Activities: Any activity that gets you moving is acceptable, such as walking, jogging, hiking, rowing, biking, sit-ups, push-ups, roller skating, ice skating, skiing, yoga, chair yoga, chair aerobics, standard aerobics, treadmill, stationary bike, jump rope, pilates, chair pilates, dancing, stair stepping, swimming, kayaking, snowshoeing, etc.

Tracking: Whichever you choose – daily or weekly, report your time, steps, or distance to Sarah at and we will enter your information in the Move-A-Thon spreadsheet. Those moving the greatest amount will win a prize and have bragging rights in the ORacle.

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Note: If you’d prefer to send in your payment by check, please print the form and mail it instead of using the online form