Montefiore Synagogue Bylaws, 1915


ARTICLE 1, Section 1, The name of this congregation shall be known as Montefiore Congregation. Section 2, article 1, the object of this congregation should be to teach and elevate the Hebrew faith, Section3 of article 1 the regular meetings of this congregation shall take place the first Sunday in the month at 2 P.M.

ARTICLE 2, Section 1, The officers of this congregation shall consist of president, vice-president, treasure, and three trustees. Article 2, section 2, the election of officers shall take place Chalamoid Suckus. Article 2, Section3, all business of the congregation shall be transacted in the English language.

ARTICLE 3, Section1, Application for membership can be brought in only by members of this congregation. Each application must be accompanied by one month dues in advance. Article 3, Section 2, it shall take five members in good standing to reject a candidate after a favorable report of a vote in this congregation if he is not paid up to date.

ARTICLE 4, Section1, The duties of officers; the president shall preside at all meetings and appoint the majority of all committees and decide all questions of law and keep up the dignity of this congregation. The vice-president shall assist the president in the work of the congregation and in the absence of the president take his chair and act as chairman of the finance committee. The secretary shall keep correct minutes and accounts of all income and disbursements. The treasure shall take charge of all the funds of the congregation, the trustees shall take care of the property of the congregation.

ARTICLE 5, Section1, Any member who shall owe three months dues shall be suspended after being notified by registered mail.

ARTICLE 6, Section 1, The president, vice-president and first trustee shall act as a grievance committee at all times.

ARTICLE 7, It shall be unlawful for any member of this congregation having a grievance against a member to proceed to court without consulting the grievance committee. Charges against a member of this congregation shall be brought in writing and signed by at least one member in good standing.

ARTICLE 8, Section1, After charges have been brought against a member, the president shall immediately appoint a charge committee and if found guilty by the committee, the president shall have full power to pronounce sentence. Article 8, Section 2, The fathers of children should pay for the teaching of the congregation.

ARTICLE 9 The dues of this congregation shall be $2 a month for married men and one dollar for single men. This congregation shall engage a Rabbi and no one shall approach the pulpit for services without permission of the president.

ARTICLE 10, No member shall be installed to office of this congregation unless he be clear on the books of all money owed to the congregation. Any member under charges shall not be eligable to take office.

By law committee,

B. Butler, I. J. Sherman, E. Salhinger

Dec. 5, 1915