Read by Bernie Busch

A-lei-nu l’-sha-bei-ach la-a-don ha-kol

La-teit g’-du-lah l’-yo-tzeir b’-rei-shit

She-lo a-sa-nu k’-go-yei ha-a-ra-tzot

V’-lo-o sa-ma-nu k’-mish-p’-chot ha-a-da-mah

She-lo sam chel-kei-nu ka-hem,
V’-go-ra-lei-nu k’-chol ha-mo-nam

Va-a-nach-nu ko-rim

U-mish-ta-cha-vim u-mo-dim

Lif-nei me-lech mal-chei ha-m’-la-chim

Ha-ka-dosh ba-ruch hu

She-hu no-teh sha-may-im v’-yo-seid a-a-retz,
U-mo-shav y’-ka-ro ba-sha-ma-yim mi-ma-al

U-sh’-chi-nat u-zo, u-sh’-chi-nat u-zo

B’-gov-hei m’-ro-mim

Hu El-o-hei-nu ein od

E-met mal-kei-nu, e-fes zu-la-to

Ka-ka-tuv b’-to-ra-to

V’-ya-da-ta ha-yom, v’-ya-da-ta ha-yom

V’-ha-shei-vo-ta el l’-va-ve-cha

Ki A-do-nai hu Ha-El-o-him

Ba-sha-ma-yim mi-ma-al

V’-al ha-a-retz, v’-al ha-a-retz
Mi-i-ta-chat, ein od

V’-ne-e-mar, v’-ha-yah A-do-nai

L’-me-lech al kol ha-a-retz

Ba-yom ha-hu, ba-yom ha-hu

y’-hi-yeh A-do-nai e-chad
U-sh’-mo, u-sh’-mo, u-sh’-mo e-chad


Let us now praise the Sovereign of the universe,
And proclaim the greatness of the Creator
who has set us apart from the other families of the earth,
giving us a destiny unique among the nations.
We bend the knee and bow,
Acknowledging the supreme Sovereign, the Holy One of Blessing

For you spread out the heavens and established the earth;
Your majestic abode in the heavens above
And Your mighty Presence is in the loftiest heights.

You are our God and there is none else.
In truth You are our Sovereign without compare, as is written in Your Torah:
Know then this day and take it to heart that

Adonai is surely God in the heavens above and on the earth below.
There is none else

Thus it has been said, Adonai will be Sovereign over all the earth.
On that day, Adonai will be one, and God’s Name will be one.