Chatzi Kaddish

Read by Bernie Busch

Mishkan t’filah p. 144
Family Siddur p. 4

Yit-ga-dal v’-yit-ka-dash sh-’meih ra-ba

b’-al-ma di-v’-ra chi-ru-tieh,

v’-yam-lich mal-chu-teih,

b’-cha-yei-chon uv’-yo-mei-chonu

v’-cha-yei d’-chol beit Yis-ra-el,

ba-a-ga-la, ba-a-ga-la u-viz-man ka-riv,

v’-im’-ru A-men.


Y’-hei sh’-meih ra-ba m’-va-rach

L’-a-lam ul’-al-mei al-ma-ya.

Yit-ba-rach v’-yish-ta-bach, v’-yit-pa-ar

v’-yit-ro-mam v-’yit-na-sei,

v’-yit-ha-dar v’-yit-a-leh v’-yit’-ha-lal

sh’-meih d’-kud’-sha b’-rich hu.

l’-ei-la min kol bir-cha-ta v’-shir-a-ta,

tush-b’-cha-ta v’-nech-e-ma-ta,

da-a-mi-ran b’-al-ma v’-im’-ru A-men


Exalted and hallowed be God’s great name,
in the world which God created, according to plan.
My God’s majesty be revealed in the days of our lifetime
And the life of all Israel – speedily, imminently.
To which we say: Amen


Blessed be God’s great name to all eternity

Blessed, praised, honored, exalted,
extolled, glorified, adored, and lauded
be the name of the Holy Blessed One,
beyond all earthly words and songs of blessing, praise, and comfort.
To which we say: Amen.