Sung by Bernie Busch

Mishkan t’filah, p. 366 & 367
Family Siddur, p. 16

L’-cha A-do-nai ha-g’du’la v’-ha-g’-vur-rah
V’ha-tif-e-ret, v’ha-ne-tzach v-ha-hod

Ki chol ba-sha-ma-yim u-v-a-a-retz  (2x)

L’cha A-do-nai ha-mam-la-cha
V’ha-mit-na-sei l’chol l’rosh

[Ro-m’-mu, A-do-nai El-o-hei-nuv’-hish-ta-cha-vu, l-har kod-sho]  (2x)

[Ki, ki, ki ka-dosh A-do-nai El-o-hei-nu Rom’-mu]  (2x)

[Al sh’-lo-sha d’-va-rim, al sh’-lo-sha d’-va-rim
Al sh’-lo-sha, sh’-lo-sha d’-va-rim
Ha-o-lam, ha-o-lam o-meid] (2x)

[Al ha-To-rah v’-al ha-a-vo-dah
V’-al g’-mi-lut cha-sa-dim.] (2x)


Yours Adonai, is the greatness, might, splendor, triumph, and majesty –
Yes, all that is in heaven and on earth.
To You, Adonai, belong sovereignty and preeminence above all.

Exalt Adonai our God and bow down toward God’s holy mountain,
for Adonai our God is holy.

The World is sustained by three things:  Torah, worship and loving deeds.