Sung by Carolyn Wexler

Mishkan t’filah, p. 326
Shireinu #200A

N’-ka-deish et shim-cha ba-o-lam
K’-sheim she-mak-di-shim o-to bish-mei ma-rom 
Ka-ka-tuv, al yad n’-vi-e-cha
v’-ka-ra zeh el zeh, v’-a-mar

    Ka-dosh ka-dosh ka-dosh
    A-do-nai tz’-va-ot
    M’-lo chol ha-a-retz, k’-vo-do

A-dir a-di-rei-nu A-do-nai A-do-nei-nu
Mah a-dir shim-cha b’chol ha-a-retz

    Ba-ruch ka-vod A-do-nai mim-ko-mo

E-chad hu E-lo-hei-nu
Hu A-vi-nu hu Mal-kei-nu
Hu Mo-shi-einu v’-hu yash-mi-ei-nu
B’-ra-cha-mav l’-ei-nei kol chai
A-ni A-do-nai E-lo-hei-chem

    Yim-loch A-do-nai l’-o-lam
    E-lo-ha-yich Tzi-yon
    L’-dor va-dor Ha-l’-lu-yah

L’-dor va-dor na-gid god-le-cha
U-l’-nei-tzach n’-tza-chim k’du-sha-t’-cha nak-dish
V’-shiv-cha-cha E-lo-hei-nu mi-pi-nu lo ya-mush
L’-o-lam va–ed

    Ba-ruch A-tah A-do-nai Ha-El ha-ka-dosh.


We sanctify Your name on earth,
even as all things, to the end of time and space,
proclaim Your holiness;
and in the words of the prophets we say:

    Holy, holy, holy is the God of all creation:
    The whole earth is filled with God’s glory!

Source of our strength, Sovereign God,
How majestic is Your name in all the earth!

    Praise be the glory of God
    In heaven and earth

You alone are our God and our Creator;
You are our Ruler and our Helper;
And in Your mercy, You will proclaim before all of the living;
I am Adonai, Your God!

Adonai shall reign for ever;
Your God, O Zion,
from generation to generation. Hallelujah

To all generations we will make known Your greatness
and to all eternity proclaim your holiness.
Your praise, O God, shall never depart from our lips.

    Blessed are You, Adonai, the Holy God.