L'cha Dodi (Carlebach)

Sung by Bernie Busch

Mishkan t’filah, p. 138

L’-cha do-di lik-rat ka-lah
p’-nei sha-bat n’-ka-b’-lah

Li li li li li li, li li li li, li li li li, li li li li, l’-cha do-di
Li li li li li li, li li li li, li li li li, li li li li, lik-rat ka-lah

Sha-mor ve’-za-chor b’-di-bur e-chad
Hish-mi-a-nu eil ha-m’-yu-chad
A-do-nai e-chad u-sh’-mo e-chad
L’-sheim ul-tif-e-ret v’-lit’-chi-lah (chorus)  

Lik-rat sha-bat l’-chu v’-neil-cha
Ki hi m’-kor ha-b’-ra-cha
Mei-rosh mi-ke-dem n’-su-chah
Sof m’-a-seh b’-mach-sha-vah t’-chi-lah  (chorus)

Hit-o-r’-ri hit-o-r’-ri ki va o-reich ku-mi o-ri
U-ri u-ri shir da-bei-ri
K’-vod A-do-nai a-la-yich nig-lah  (chorus)  

Bo-i v’-sha-lom a-te-ret ba-lah
Gam b’-sim-chah uv’-tzo-ho-lah
Toch e-mu-nei am s’-gu-lah
Bo-i cha-lah bo-i cha-lah  (chorus)  


Beloved, come to meet the bride; beloved, come to greet Shabbat

Keep and remember: a single command, the Only God caused us to hear;
the Eternal is One, God’s name is One, for honor and glory and praise

Come with me to meet Shabbat, forever a fountain of blessing.
Still it flows, as from the start: the last of days, for which the first was made.

Awake, awake, your light has come! 
Arise, shine, awake and sing; the Eternal’s glory dawns upon you.  

Enter in peace, O crown of your husband; enter in gladness, enter in joy. 
Come to the people that keeps its faith.  Enter, O bride! Enter, O bride!