Mizmor Shir

Sung by Bernie Busch

Mishkan t’filah, p. 640
Shireinu #249

    [Miz-mor shir l’-yom ha-sha-bat,
    Tov l’-ho-dot L’-a-do-nai
    Ul’-za-meir l’-shim-cha el-yon,
    Ul’-za-meir l’-shim-cha el-yon]  (2x)

L’-ha-gid ba-bo-ker chas-de-cha,
Ve-e-mu-na-t’cha ba-lei-lot
A-lei a-sor va-a-lei navel,
A-lei hi-ga-yon b’-chi nor  (Chorus)


A Psalm, a song for Shabbat.
It is good to praise Adonai,
To sing hymns to Your name, O Most High.

To proclaim your steadfast love at daybreak,
Your faithfulness each night
with a ten-stringed harp,
with voice and lyre together.