Sung by Bernie Busch

Mishkan t’filah, p. 162
Family Siddur, p. 6
Shireinu #203

    [Yis-m’-chu v’-mal-chu-t’-cha
    Shom-rei shom-rei shom-rei Sha-bat
    v’-kor-ei o-neg Sha-bat]  (2x)

Am m’-ka-d’-shei, m’-ka-d’-shei sh’-vi’-i, Sha-bat
Ku-lam yis-b’-u, v’-yit-an-gu mi-tu-ve-cha, Sha-bat  (Chorus)

V’-hash-vi-i ra-tzi-ta-bo, ra-tzi-ta-bo v’-ki-dash-to, Sha-bat
Chem-dat ya-a-min o-to ka-ra-ta, Sha-bat    (Chorus)

Zei-cher l’-ma-a-sei, l’-ma-a-sei  v’-rei-sheit Sha-bat
Zei-cher l’-ma-a-sei, l’-ma-a-sei  v’-rei-sheit Sha-bat  (Chorus)


Those who keep Shabbat by calling it a delight
will rejoice in Your realm.

The people that hallow Shabbat will delight in Your goodness.
For, being pleased with the Seventh Day, You hallowed it
as the most precious of days, drawing our attention to the work of Creation.