Goals for the Year Ahead

Often, one starts off the year or a new project with an assessment of what you want to accomplish.  The goals below arise directly from the TBO values of inclusiveness and respect and are aligned with our Mission Statement, shown on the back page of this publication.  I envision two parallel tracks of goals for TBO in the year ahead; one track I am calling programmatic goals and the other thematic goals.

Programmatic Goals:

Our number one priority for the year is for us to have our hybrid system up and running by the time folks are vaccinated and it is safe to return to in-person activities.  A hybrid system involves having activities, such as services, available both in person and virtually.  During this time of only virtual offerings, we have seen the many advantages of having  online access to our programs.  We want to be sure that those who prefer the online mode can still participate in that manner once others are back in the building and attending in person.  Glen Pickus is coordinating this effort with technological expertise provided by Koby Wexler and input from all our fantastic committees and task forces.

Our other major programmatic priority is to plan the implementation of the recommendations developed by the Strategic Planning Task Force.  Sections one and two of their report, dealing with Community Building and Programming and Activities, identify opportunities for improvements.  The report provides a wonderful “to do” list.  Hopefully, many of you were with us at the meeting on January 17 and heard about our plans to accomplish this.  Some of the items are already underway!  Tim Douglass will be leading the implementation planning.  If you would like to join this effort, feel free to reach out to Tim.

Thematic Goals:

The thematic goals are harder to quantify; they are less concrete, but no less important.  I would like to find ways to further increase kindness and empathy in our community – both internally and externally.  We can improve our volunteer recognition efforts, treat others with respect and dignity while challenging them to perform at their highest level, use active listening skills, robustly welcome newcomers, etc.  At the same time, I hope we can increase the sense of connectedness in the congregation, with more awareness of all the wonderful ongoing efforts of our amazing volunteers. To facilitate this process, we will be featuring different committees each month in the ORacle, at governing board meetings, and on other platforms.

In conjunction with these objectives, I would also like to see our members feel empowered to take on projects that they feel passionate about, to take ownership of their community, to embrace stepping into leadership positions, and to join one or more of our outstanding committees or task forces.  If you are interested in joining a committee or starting a new program, let’s talk, text, or email!  I would be delighted to help you get started.

As we move through the year I am hoping that we will make progress in all these areas.  Feel free to share any ideas or thoughts about these topics or any others with me.  I welcome your input and look forward to your participation.