It is Spring!

Even though the weather has been a little bit cooler and damper than usual for this time of year, the tulips and longer days are a sure sign that it really is spring. Lots of folks use
the spring, and especially Passover, as a signal to do some deep cleaning.
Recently a congregant shared an article from the Seattle Times with me that suggested that this year, in addition to tidying closets and cleaning out the garage, we might want to consider cleaning up our use of words and work towards a more positive approach to our communication. Many have also noticed that things seemed to have gotten more unruly since COVID19 hit. Perhaps it is the result of isolation. losses, disappointment or other consequences of the virus. Regardless of the cause, it cannot be denied that people seem ruder and less civilized crazy drivers, inconsiderate shoppers, moody store clerks, demanding travelers it’s everywhere.

Let’s take the opportunity to use the arrival of spring to help us work towards a more positive, constructive and pleasant way of living with others. As we gather more at our Temple we can practice those same skills as we welcome back those we have been missing. I hope to see you in person at our building in the coming days and happy spring!

Melanie (she/her)