Big Ask, Big Project, Big Mitzvah! 

By Sam Halle

Did you know that our Everett Police Department’s K-9 Officers don’t have bulletproof vests?!  They only have a fabric police harness and a leash. They are in grave danger from armed criminals!  They risk their lives every day for citizens of Snohomish County.

Sam stands with a police officer and his K9 partner.This Fall, I met an Everett Police Officer and his K-9 partner, Duke.  The human officer told me that Duke and his 3 fellow K-9 Officers get shot at and some bad guys also try to stab them!  This happens all the time and even though the K-9 Officers are in danger, they risk their lives to keep us safe anyway.

I feel so strongly about trying to do something to help protect our K-9 Officers that I am making this my Bar Mitzvah project.   I can’t do this on my own and I need your help!

My goal is to raise enough money for at least 2 bulletproof vests for these real-life K-9 superheroes by my Bar Mitzvah on August 13, 2022. These bulletproof or ballistic canine vests can stop a severe or even fatal knife or bullet injury from occurring. I hope that after the fundraising is over all 4 K-9 Officers are safe from knives and bullets fired by the criminals they’re trying to catch.

Everett PD and I have partnered with Brady’s K9 Fund.  The link that goes directly to my Mitzvah Project is: You can call, text or email my Ima (Sue Halle) if you have questions or need help.

I really love my Temple Beth Or community and appreciate your support for my Bar Mitzvah project.  Our 2-legged and 4-legged police do a lot to keep our Jewish community safe.  I hope together we can achieve this goal.  What a mitzvah it will be!

Thank you so much, everyone!  With lots of love, Sam Halle